Sales Tax Solutions, Inc. (STS) is a professional sales tax consulting firm, specializing in tax reduction services in Iowa and Illinois. Our experts have successfully helped hundreds of businesses recover and minimize their taxes. STS' highly specialized sales tax consultants are dedicated to finding solutions that help companies like yours limit your sales and use tax exposures and maximize your tax recoveries in accordance to the regulations of the states.

Sales and use taxes are extremely complex and we have the necessary expertise to help your business when your time and resources may be limited. We can help you fix sales tax problems and solve your complicated sales tax issues that take hours or days to research.

Cultivate Savings

We hear all the time, "Our Company doesn't pay much in the way of sales and use taxes and we surely don't overpay them.” Most of our clients have thought this way and are very surprised and pleased with the results of STS' services.

The opportunity to recover sales and use taxes that your company has already paid passes as every statute of limitations expires. Letting the next statute run out could translate into thousands of dollars you will never be able to get back.